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Rick Bull is a recording artist, remixer, graphic designer, insomniac, dubnologist and exponent of subliminal funk. Voyaging in the tenuous rift between rhodes-driven vinylised crust, and chopped-up synthetic drum’n’bassery, the Deepchild sound could well be described as mellow, bass-driven and evolving, reflective of the general state of his mind. Think hip-hop minus turntablist attitude, deep-space dub and melancholy electronica combined in one.

CA038: Re Cognition | Various Artists
CA038D: Re Cognition DVD | Various Artists
CA038X: Cognition X | Various Artists
CA032: Defocus | Various Artists
CA026: Deepchild | Hymns From Babylon
CA025: Cognition 3 | Various Artists
CA017: Jaunt 2 | Various Artists
CAS01: Clan Recordable | Various Artists

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