Greg Singh

Greg Singh is an electronic dance music artist and technician who is as dedicated to the ongoing building and evolution of his studio as he is to making EDM.

Having found computers to be counterproductive to his musical creativity, Greg ditched the computer from his studio and built up a pure hardware studio over the past 15 years. Today Greg typically combines his talents in woodwind and percussion to create beats, basslines and melodies to sink his audience into a trace state, an EDM genre that Greg is particularly attracted to.

Greg utilises hardware based sequencing with raw analogue synthesis to underpin his creations and then often layers live percussion and live melodic passages with hardware multi-tracking to augment the musical journey.
For his track on Clan Analogue’s Analogue Redux compilation, Greg uses his studio-centric Yamaha RS7000 sequencer to drive some TR-909 Analogue Drums, analogue bass produced by a Novation Super Bass Station and haunting melodies played from on a MIDI wind controller and voiced from a Novation KS Rack.

CA046: Analogue Redux | Various Artists