Hethre Contant

Hethre Contant loves sound, stories, and ideas. She mixes these interests by undertaking vast, long-term research projects that result in a menagerie of artistic and scholarly objects. Her profitable skills include audio engineering, writing, and teaching. She’s worked with The Megapolis Festival, American Society for Acoustic Ecology, n+1 magazine, Wave Farm (aka free103point9), Soho Gallery for Digital Art, 319 Scholes, Art In General, Brooklyn Arts Gallery, Recess Art, Eyebeam, The New School, Pratt, Borough of Manhattan Community College, The German-American Fulbright Program, and Radio In the American Sector (RIAS). Hethre is currently pursuing a PhD, because what’s more fun than partying in the basement of the Ivory Tower?

CA044: Intone | Various Artists

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