Mono Tono

Hi, my name is Claudio Bisonti and I’ve always loved electronic music. I got a Bachelor’s degree in Art, Music and Performing Arts in Bologna-Italy, with a thesis entitled “Rave: uno scenario contemporaneo”. I created, recorded and transcribed 10 stories on my “Sony Microcassette”. These stories talk about celebrities of the night: DJs, producers, trance researchers, ravers and travelers. They are snapshots of techno-lives stitched together with the help of the philosopher Georges Lapassade.

Meanwhile, I’ve been graphic designer and DJ of “Notte Vidal”, an epic gig at LINK, a legendary night club in Bologna. Under the alias DJ Grog, I have supported many artists including Stereo Total, Johnson Righeira, Nada, Electronicat, Nicola Conte, Fernanda Porto just to name a few.

Then one day I met the Monotribe… and it was love at first sound! A dream come true! Being able to use small, super-cheap, simple, analog trinkets means music is no longer only seen on a computer; instead it is heard, felt and touched. At this point, thanks to the voice of Prof. Dario Mingarelli, I began to create a series of samples from the past of our civilization and to blend them together with sequences, rhythms and environmental recordings (like the cicadas of Sirolo). Hence, I was able to bring to life a landscape of sounds that talk about journeys and mythological returns.
I weave sync cables in a biological tangle and let the synthesizers pulsate in sync with the heartbeat of our hearts. Spaghetti-ambient for everyone!

Releases on Clan Analogue Recordings:
CA053: Mobile Strategies | Various Artists