PantsOfDeath is Jon Rawlinson, an electronic musician living in Sydney. The name comes from a webcomic Jon drew for many years and he kept the name when he started outputting music. The name neatly encapsulates the subject matter which is either very dark, or very silly, or a strange combination of both. Originally from the UK, Jon created a mixture of guitar and electronic music until career, family and life resulted in a ten year hiatus. In 2011 an unexpected gift of an iPad suddenly provided Jon with the means, and the time (in the shape of a daily commute) to make music. After three albums released through the iOS only Apptronica label he has now branched out and uses PC and hardware tools, although the iPad remains at the core of his production. Jon still creates Synth Memes, draws cartoons and makes Tutorial videos and is working on his 4th album.

CA053: Mobile Strategies | Various Artists
CA050: Coordinate: Collaboration Beyond the Algorithm | Various Artists