Rabbitsss is a collaboration between award-winning Australian composer Rae Howell and New York multimedia artist Jon Cohrs. Together they craft a mesmerising sonic world, blending acoustic instruments and found sounds with electronic textures and digital processing. Howell’s musical mastery of all manner of instruments, including mallets, keyboards, brass, percussion and squeezebox, provides the foundation for their evocative compositions. Cohrs’s electronics weave these instrumental textures into a unique sonic landscape.

Rabbitsss create their work through a series of studio improvisations, with sounds fed back and forth between the acoustic and digital worlds, processed and layered in a dynamic process until structures emerge.  Rhythmic patterns and textures are created from sampling instruments, kitchen cooking noises, voices or whatever raw sonic material is to hand. Cohrs and Howell’s experimental interplay is beautifully captured in their recorded work, reflecting the spontaneity and magic of their collaboration.

‘Adrift’ is the first of three EPs to be released through Clan Analogue, following on from the Rabbitsss debut album Penguins.