Robert Sazdov

Robert Sazdov is a composer, researcher, music producer, and educator. He has received prizes and awards from various organizations and institutions including: ‘Pierre Schaeffer’ Competition, Musica Nova Competition, Sonic Arts Awards, Bourges International Competition, Just Plain Folks Music Awards and the Audio Engineering Society. His music has been released by Capstone Records, Vox Novus, Accademia Musicale Pescarese, Society for Electroacoustic Music, Australasian Computer Music Association, Sonic Arts Awards and SoundLab Channel. Sazdov has undertaken residencies at the Erich-Thienhaus-Institue, Detmold University (2012) and The Sonic Lab, Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen Mary University (2007).

Sazdov’s recent performances include: ICMC (2012; 2013), NIME (2009; 2010) International Conference on Spatial Audio – Erlangen (2014), New York City Electronic Music Festival – NYC (2014), MK-NL II Concert, STEIM – Amsterdam (2014), MK-NL II Concert, Konzerthaus Gaudeamus – Utrecht (2014) Pure Ambisonics – Graz (2015), and Insonic 2015, ZKM – Karlsruhe (2015). Sazdov’s music has also been featured on various electroacoustic and new music radio programs in Mexico, the US, New Zealand, and Australia. Sazdov established and is currently the curator of Sonic Immersion – Festival of Media Arts (2014-).

Originally from Sydney, since 2008 he has been working and living in Europe where he was faculty member (2008-13) and Director of the Spatial Audio Research Group at the Digital Media and Arts Research Centre (DMARC) – University of Limerick. He was also the co-founding member of the Film Academy, University of Goce Delchev – Shtip (2013), and served as the Film Academy’s Associate Dean and was an Associate Professor of Sound and Music. Currently, he is a Scientific Researcher and Associate Professor in 3D Sound at the Fraunhofer Institute (IIS), International Auditory Laboratories – Erlangen.

Releases on Clan Analogue Recordings:
CA044: Intone | Various Artists

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