Stylistically, SFBM aims to present both his productions, live sets, and DJ performances alike with harsh, bleak soundscapes, deep, thick, and luscious atmospheres, as well as plenty of heavy-handed, industrial-influenced and pounding kick drums all throughout. Not content to stick to one genre or sub-genre alone, his sets can shift across dub and highly hypnotic minimal techno, deep and atmospheric selections, explosive industrial pounders, hard-grooving classic tracks, and more.

His first ever EP release, Chronotype, arrived in October of 2015 on Melbourne/Glasgow based label ‘One4SevenOne Records’. The label features a whole host of Melbourne-based techno producers, as well as a couple of international ones, and artists with releases on One4SevenOne including Enclave, Backroom Reality, D-Rex, Roberto Facchini, G3D9, Split Silo, Joey Sarantis, Rustal, Juxtpose, and many more.

SFBM has played numerous sets across events such as Red Room Saturdays, Dance Technique, and Electundra; and has also DJed at gigs for event promoters like White Noise Music and FabriKation. Most recently, he performed the closing set for Suppressor’s ‘Hand EP’ launch event night at Loop Project Space & Bar alongside best friend and production/DJ partner, Alter-Mind (Aydan Hussein) under the duo-alias ‘Smoke’.

He has previously performed at several notable Melbourne venues, such as Grumpy’s, Loop Bar and Project Space, Greenwood Loft, and New Guernica nightclub. Outside of the club environment, SFBM has a wide list of Podcast releases to his name, recording mixes for the likes of Bomphcast, Music for the People, Unfold, Kontrast, I Won’t Techno For An Answer, Deep Melbourne, and Bones.Rd.

CA050: Coordinate | Various Artists