Blasting speakers with scene-built software (LSDj & Piggy Tracker), staRpauSe has represented at events like BLIP FEST (New York City), MICRODISKO (Stockholm, Sweden), SPERM FEST (Prague), and SCRIBBLE THIS (West Bank Arts Quarter Collective in Minneapolis).

staRpauSe has released hours of music under the CC-BY license. Free distribution leads to surprising remixes and reuse. His tracks are in movies, video games, art installations, and ring tones. Snatch stems from []( or reach out to collaborate!

Captain pauSe co-founded [CODAME]( over 10 years ago. The non-profit shapes the future with playful ART+TECH projects. Tangibly, that means an annual festival, event installations, team building, and art consolations.

Away from the screen staRshiFu teaches Dayan Qigong moving meditation. He’s certified by Grandmaster Hui Liu of Wen Wu school in El Cerrito. Dayan Qigong traces back 28 generations to Taoist monks of the Kunlun Mountains.

Pedal bike fetishist and Creative Commons advocate, Jordan Gray founded the Mp3Death netaudio label in 2004. M3D has since been recognized by Giant Robot, Boing Boing and De:Bug for cataloging the sounds of handheld techno and the chip tune avant-garde. K9D’s own music fits somewhere in between–body conscious beats and mind-melting basslines crafted on pocket-sized consumer electronics.

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Releases on Clan Analogue Recordings:
CA053: Mobile Strategies | Various Artists