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Quirky and chaotically eclectic, Telafonica is an ever expanding and contracting collection of musicians, visual artists and graphic designers using laptops, toy instruments and effects units. Five vocalists travel from sonic intimacy to walls of harmonies. Electronic beats are coloured by peculiar instruments such as a typewriter, toy piano and light theremin as well as traditional guitars, saxophone and synthesizers.

Telafonica is up to its 4th album release, ‘Sleeping With The Fishermen’, a sprawling project featuring the album proper, dozens of remixes of every track by a vast array of friends, acquaintances and people whose music the band loves, free downloads, films, box sets, public domain master stems, fan mixes and anything else they can get the time to put together.

Telafonica Website

CA028: Solid Gold l Various Artists
CA041: Headspace l Various Artists

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