Vision Four 5

Vision Four 5 is an Australian electronic group whose performances featured interactive video technology. They were formed in 1990 in Brisbane, Queensland and the lineup changed through the first few years to settle from 1993-1997 with members Noel Burgess (Music), Tim Gruchy (Video/Interactives), Ben Suthers (Music) and Al Ferguson (Video/Animation).

In this time Vision Four 5 produced 2 albums, Texture (1993) and Humid (1995) and numerous singles on Volition Records/Sony Music. They toured Australia constantly playing  raves, clubs and the genesis years of the Big Day Out boiler room.  The rave hit Everything You Need was a DJ record bag staple for many years and the more radio-friendly Funkify Yourself crossed over to become both a club and national radio hit.

The Vision Four 5 live performance incorporated a Mandala interactive system to utilize movement in the stage “control zone” to manipulate any aspect of video processing, animation or the music as well as live camera and a full music studio onstage.

In 2017, Vision Four 5 released their 3rd album, Cloud, and single Take Me With You, which contained previously unreleased songs, to complete the THC trilogy.

CA058: Cognition 303: Bassline Deviations | Various Artists