Tim Marcus Moore

Tim Marcus Moore is a US born, South Australia based electronic musician, keyboard player, and bedroom producer. Having cut his teeth as a DJ in the… Read more

Times of the Sines

Jason Fewings is a Perth based artist who started his musical journey on the piano at age 4. Playing guitar, bass and piano throughout school… Read more

Tom Ellard

Bio and image taken from the website History of Australian Music from 1960 to 2000 Thomas Temple (Tom) Ellard is an Australian electronic musician best… Read more


two4K is the electronic music project from composer Carl Anderson. During the late 90s he played in the legendary Futile Sound of Brunswick before moving… Read more

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Valley Forge

Valley Forge frontman Freeman Lowell remembers the first two albums he ever bought: Jean Michel Jarre’s ‘Zoolook’ and Mark Isham’s ‘Film Music’. It is unsurprising… Read more

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Victor Xray

Victor Xray has been accused of making music that is; “deeply uneasy listening” … “DUB-HEAVY DOOMSTEP BLEND OF PARANOID DUBBY MADNESS” … “crying out to… Read more

Vision Four 5

Vision Four 5 is an Australian electronic group whose performances featured interactive video technology. They were formed in 1990 in Brisbane, Queensland and the lineup changed through the… Read more

Wasters of Time

Malcolm Smith has been writing music for almost 40 years. He started creating music with a 2-track reel-to-reel tape deck around 1980, later progressing to… Read more


WiLL-i-ROMS is an 8-bit chip tunes project of Kaputnik, of City Frequencies and Random Acts of Elevator Music. Sound boards taken from early 80s pinball… Read more

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Sample pure analogue genius: Winduptoys Heard enough sensitive glitch-pop yawns cooked up by yet another kid with a laptop and a bunch of soft-synths? Then… Read more