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CA040: Valley Forge | Artificial Heart

Valley Forge’s Artificial Heart – Implant yours today

Following on from the recently-released Wayfaring Stranger EP Artificial Heart is one of the most impeccably-crafted albums to be released in the modern Australian electronic music ecosystem. The debut album from Valley Forge is a true synthesis of the organic and synthetic, a new form of transhumanist electronica.

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Spanning rich, cinematic synthscapes to intimate and melancholic techno-pop, Artificial Heart is a modified microarray of electro, dub, ambient and world music elements. With influences such as Tangerine Dream, Giorgio Moroder, Kraftwerk, Boards of Canada, Wendy Carlos, BT and Air gene-spliced with sounds from gamelan to gospel, Artificial Heart transforms these nanosonics into a new organism of sound.

Valley Forge was formed by biosonic engineer Freeman Lowell, joining with a selection of notable collaborators on Artificial Heart, including Australian music legend Kamahl, Sydney indie band So I’m Jo’s Glen Cassidy and Japanese experimental music artist Amos Wong. Tracks such as ‘Wayfaring Stranger’, ‘Follow Suit’ and ‘Machine-Built Rhythm’ have preceded the album, with contributions to Clan Analogue compilations Doppler Shift, In Version and Re Cognition anticipating Valley Forge’s first full-length work.

Now Artificial Heart has arrived at its destination – a singularity of pure emotive machinery. Embrace the transformation – implant yours today.

“A trip-hop sci-fi soundtrack, merging sinister technology with spiritual soundscapes… Artificial Heart is an excursion into our own warped, inconsistent world.”
Rave Magazine


1. Power-Up
2. Machine-Built Rhythm
3. Ne10
4. Muscle and Grit
5. Follow Suit
6. Unfurl
7. I Want Us to Merge
8. Stonerich
9. Sea of Simulation
10. Payload
11. Wayfaring Stranger (featuring Kamahl)
12. Flatline


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