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CA041: Headspace: A Tribute to Severed Heads | Various Artists

To mark its twentieth anniversary, Clan Analogue are proud to release the new compilation album Headspace uniquely celebrating the heritage of this Australian electronic music and arts collective. Headspace is a tribute album to the legendary Severed Heads, with Clan Analogue’s artists reinterpreting their favourite tracks from this seminal Australian electronic music act.

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Download from Bandcamp
Download from Bandcamp

Severed Heads are one of the pioneers of electronic music in Australia. With their infectious dark robotic rhythms and quirky lyrics, they broke electronic music firstly in the Australian underground during the post-punk era then the mainstream during the 1980s. Having produced work spanning experimental and industrial sound art through to techno, electro and synth-pop, Severed Heads provided unique inspiration to a generation of Australian electronic artists and made a huge impact overseas. In 2011 they impressed a new generation of fans when they reformed to tour supporting Gary Numan.

Clan Analogue members acknowledge the influence Severed Heads has had on them and their music. The collective formed in 1992 drawing inspiration from the example of Severed Heads, pushing boundaries in the use of new and obsolete technology in music, sound and visuals and to explore avenues for multimedia distribution outside of the mainstream. Once word spread that Clan Analogue were compiling Headspace, artists from as far away as London and Tokyo put their hands up to contribute. The album includes tracks from long-running Clan Analogue acts such as Telemetry Orchestra and Kazumichi Grime, current stalwarts such as Lunar Module, Telafonica and Winduptoys, along with new emerging artists like Aeriae, Actual Russian Brides and Philosophy of Sound. International guests Scanner and Little Nobody also demanded to be included once they heard the news.

As befitting a collective of technologically-inspired, forward-looking sound artists, the traditional notion of a cover version for Headspace was deconstructed and reinvented. Rehashing chord progressions and vocal melodies was not often the best method to rework abstract sound pieces and industrial electro masterpieces. Artists needed to distil the essence of their chosen track and rebuild with a new sonic palette for the decade. Approaches included cut-up collages using the original recordings as source material or using the original tracks as inspiration for further explorations into sound.

Headspace is available in classic CD jewel-case format, as well as in non-physical formats.

“Who better than Australian collective Clan Analogue to pay tribute to Severed Heads? The Sydney pioneers blended synth-pop and industrial with dark techno over three decades, and here they get reinterpreted by their diverse acolytes.” Stack

Track Listing

1. Telafonica l Twister
2. Philosophy of Sound l Ugliest Twenties
3. Scanner l Adolf a Karrot? [on CD version only]
4. Lux Voltaire l Pilot in Hell
5. Telemetry Orchestra l Propeller
6. Valley Forge l Twenty Deadly Diseases
7. Lunar Module l Hot With Fleas
8. Aeriae l Snuck
9. Kazumichi Grime & Andrew Jones l Petrol [on CD version only]
10. Data Transmit & Nick West l Dead Eyes Opened
11. Inflatable Voodoo Dolls l Big Car
12. Stewart Lawler l Now, An Explosive New Movie [on CD version only]
13. Clone l All Saints Disco
14. 15-11 Enterprises l We Choose Moon
15. Actual Russian Brides l Kittenette
16. Winduptoys l Ottoman
17. Little Nobody l A Million Angels [on CD version only]
18. The Process Void l Godsong [on CD version only]

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