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CA042A: Aeriae | Nurse 2 Alyssa Type

Sydney producer Aeriae, aka Wade Clarke, paves the way for his second album, Victris, with ‘Nurse 2 Alyssa Type’, a dark techno cut of cascading textures taken from the album and backed up on this seven-track EP by a genre-tripping set of remixes and retakes from Clan Analogue associates. Lightwell distils the melody into a Brian Eno-like chill. CMI‘s massive sludgification of the material is chased by the hurtling beats of Che. Kate Carr delivers a vinyl-pricked mass of ambience before Thallium & Milo close the playlist with a mixture of four-on-the-floor and syncopated chaos. Before the remixes comes Aeriae’s ‘Nurse 1 Cindy Type’; the A-side’s slower-paced cousin, building drama through layers of carefully intersecting synth lines.

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Aeriae is Wade Clarke, techno and baroque experimentalist and controllerist, ready to launch new electronic tones into the void in the great tradition of Clan Analogue.
Lightwellis the current incarnation of long time music producer Edward Kelly, formerly known as Fluffy T Bunny. Edward Kelly has previously remixed artists such as Koshowko, Victor X-Ray, Null Object and Acid Warriorz.
CMI has been locked in a storage room for the last decade with a $30,000 synthesizer that is now worth $700. He claims to have invented several genres of popular dance music before they became huge in the world market and big in Japan.
Che is an electro-acoustic sound alchemist for all generations.
Kate Carr makes experimental ambient music and is the founder of the Flaming Pines label.
In Thallium & Milo, Che is the poison and Wade is the chocolate drink.

“stripped-back yet metallic-edged techno… as eerie noodling synths dart against dark bursts of noise and robotic bass murmurs”
 Cyclic Defrost


1. Nurse 2 Alyssa Type
2. Nurse 1 Cindy Type
3. Nurse 2 Summer Midnight Mix (Lightwell)
4. Nurse Betty (CMI)
5. Nursed to Death (Che)
6. Nurse 2 Codeine Cough Syrup Remix (Kate Carr)
7. NSDRSB (Thallium & Milo)

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