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CA042T: Tiatto | Full Moon

Tiatto join jazz funk greats with Full Moon

Tiatto formed in a chance encounter between Melbournite Ben Wah and Mancunian Max Devere in a Brixton garret opposite a crackhouse. This led to an intensive 6 months of all-night UK garage parties, trips to mental health wards and work experience sessions at the top recording studios in Brixton. Proudly emerging from the chaos with a bunch of demos, they were shortly afterwards thrown out of the office of Radio One’s head of programming for “wasting his time with some fusion shit”.

Ben Wah had his work visa revoked and Max Devere fled the country with him. Relocating to Melbourne they realised they needed to establish some musical credibility and the will to power. They enlisted classical pianist and master synthesist Nick Fakeman along with Canadian conceptual svengali Ganz Enfarben and re-entered the studio with some real musicians. Minimalist composer Rae Howell, of Sunwrae Ensemble fame, poked her head around the studio door and was soon channelling the spirit of Bitches Brew on her platinum trumpet. Having been evicted from the Gentlemen of Fortune, Graeme Cameron decided to turn his back on the rock’n’roll lifestyle forever, expressing his inner turmoil through a melancholic haunting melody which should see him inducted into the pedal steel guitar hall-of-fame.

So what is ‘Full Moon’? Miles Davis jamming with Squarepusher or The KLF meets Hawkwind might get you part way there. Perhaps its an elegy for UK breaks before dubstep or a journey through the night from insanity to redemption. Hear the Winduptoys remix for extra abstraction.

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Full Moon by Tiatto is one of three new EPs from Clan Analogue. Also check out Wife Beats by Actual Russian Brides and Nurse 2 Alyssa Type by Aeriae.

“a langorous wander out into deep digi-dub coloured with delicate xylophone tones and mournful, e-bowed guitar howls, before sinister robotic synth arpeggios and horns rise up out of the woodwork and the rhythms suddenly accelerate up into nu skool breaks territory, the darting synths adding a touch of electro-funk” 
Cyclic Defrost


1. Full Moon (Radio Mix)
2. Full Moon (Winduptoys Underwater Mix)
3. Full Moon (Album Mix)
4. Soul Kitchen Sink
5. Ruben’s Dodecahedron

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