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Submit to the ‘Intone’ Voice Abstractions compilation

Clan Analogue is compiling a new album focusing on explorations of the human voice, treated in ways that are electronic, rhythmic, melodic, hypnotic, chaotic or something else…. Consider it a collaboration between voice artist[s] and musician[s], not simply vocal track + backing track. We are looking at the unconventional, out there, unusual, innovative, cutting edge & experimental!! So we aren’t really interested in standard pop songs, dance tracks or techno with predictable cut-up talking samples!

There are a vast array of sounds that can be generated using your mouth and voice. These include spoken word, singing, vocalising, clicks, pops, whistling, humming, teeth tapping, yodelling, throat singing, whispering & many more. And there are many ways to record, manipulate & edit these sounds, including the use of FX, sampling, stereo & panning, cut-ups, using sounds backwards, etc.

The compilation is being curated by well-known experts in the field of sound art and spoken word: Robert Boehm (Bo from Winduptoys), Matt Hetherington (DJ Zaziz) and Elle & Lindsay from Actual Russian Brides.

Send interesting interweavings of ones, zeroes and vocal chords to actualrussianbrides [at] gmail [dot] com as either mp3 files or links to music that can be downloaded or streamed. Wav files will be requested for any tracks that are selected for inclusion.

Deadline for submissions: January 31st, 2014

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