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CA036A: Dsico That No-Talent Hack | Over and Over Dub

Available now from iTunes, Over & Over Dub is the new single from Dsico That No-Talent Hack, taken from the forthcoming compilation from Clan Analogue In Version.

‘Over & Over Dub’ was written using a bassline provided by In Version Executive Producer Scot McPhee. The track is backed with Stone’s Throw, an exclusive track from Dsico unavailable elsewhere and recorded in the best traditions of 80s single dub mix B-sides!

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The compilation Clan Analogue In Version: Dub Selections (catalogue no. CA036) is a fourteen-track exploration of dub, from traditional dub roots right through to modern electronic dub experiments.

The leading Australian pioneer of mashups and plunderphonics, Luke Collision, aka Dsico, gained a reputation internationally with performances at the seminal Bastard club in London, MFOC (Hamburg), Pop.X (Berlin) and other venues in Moscow, Dublin, Newcastle, Birmingham, NYC, San Francisco and L.A. Now back in Sydney, Dsico has laid the mashups to rest and morphed into a fully-fledged two-piece electronic live band.

Dsico’s new direction was first heard on the Clan Analogue compilation Doppler Shift: electro selections with the track ‘Waiting for You’, released under the name of Luke Collision. 2005 has seen several Dsico releases, including the You Fight Like a Girl and Fool albums, combining electronics with guitar, bass and vocals, all through the prism of classic pop. Dsico is now gaining a new wave of fans through gigs at the ‘This Is Not Art’ festival and various clubs in Sydney.

Track Listing

1. Over and Over Dub
2. Stone’s Throw

Originally released in 2006

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