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General Electrik

General Electrik is an electro project for Sydney musician Anthony Hotop.
Releases on Clan Analogue Recordings:
CA038: Re Cognition | Various Artists
CA038D: Re Cognition DVD | Various Artists
CA034: Doppler Shift l Various Artists
CA029: Disco Stu l An Englishman in Ibiza
CA028: Solid Gold l Various Artists
General Electrik Myspace page
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25 January 2012  No comments
Post Thumbnail of Hashbang Spacestar

Hashbang Spacestar

Hashbang Spacestar is a fan of Pet Shop Boys and also a writer for Custom Made Songs. Hashbang Spacestar’s music has been used in dance competitions and in
health campaigns.
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20 April 2011  No comments
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Holy Terra

Holy Terra is the original artist name for Michael Westcot who is now known as Terra Nine. He has built an international reputation through many acclaimed releases, exploring techno, ambient dub and chilled sounds, all combined with his virtuosic electric viola playing.
CA038X: Cognition X …

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18 May 2010  No comments
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Kate Carr

Kate Carr has been making music since 2007. She is interested in drones, ambient sounds, the glockenspeil, harps, ebowed guitar and shoegaze music as well as field recordings with a strong sense of place.
CA042A: Aeriae | Nurse 2 Alyssa Type
Check out more of her work at:
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7 August 2013  No comments
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Kazumichi Grime

Kazumichi Grime is a sound artist, techno producer and visual artist / director residing in Sydney, Australia.
He has been actively involved in producing electronic music and running electronic music labels like Pneuma and Clan Analogue since 1992. He was instrumental in setting up the early days of the Clan …

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1 May 2012  1 comment
Post Thumbnail of Koshowko


New Wave Dub-Dance-Hop act KOSHOWKO is the musical brainchild of Polish born Martin K, philosopher turned music producer. As well as several original releases, Koshowko has produced remixes for Disco Stu, Philosophy Of Sound, B(if)tek, Winduptoys, Rupert Owen, Tiatto and Valley Forge.
Over the last two years Koshowko has performed many …

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25 February 2010  No comments
Post Thumbnail of Lightwell


In architecture a lightwell, light well or air shaft is an unroofed external space provided within the volume of a large building to allow light and air to reach what would otherwise be dark or unventilated area. Lightwells may be lined with glazed bricks to increase the reflection of sunlight …

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7 August 2013  No comments
Post Thumbnail of Little Nobody

Little Nobody

Born in Melbourne, Andrez Bergen is an expatriate Australian author, journalist, DJ, photographer and musician who has been based in Tokyo, Japan, over the past 11 years.
Aside from specializing as a journalist in Japanese culture, anime, movies, and electronic music’s various tangents, Bergen makes music and performs under aliases …

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15 May 2012  No comments
Post Thumbnail of Lunar Module

Lunar Module

Lunar Module make great Electronic Pop music, in the studio and live on stage. Their sound is firmly rooted in the Golden Age of Electronic Pop 1978-1988. Taking the sound of “then” and the technology of “now” has allowed Lunar Module to hone their sound with sonic purity and high …

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29 August 2010  No comments
Post Thumbnail of Marway


Marway are Amos [Japan 35:41:00N 139:44:00E] and Freeman [Sydney 33:55:00S 151:17:00E]. Separated by 4,211 nautical miles and the Pacific Ocean, Marway collaborate via fibreoptic-ADSL, creating a retro-analogue sound loaded with melody and warmth influenced by the likes of Depeche Mode, Recoil, Japan, Tears For Fears, Cabaret Voltaire and Ryuichi Sakamoto. …

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9 April 2010  No comments
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