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Fluffy T / Fluffy T Bunny

Fluffy T, also known as Fluffy T Bunny, is the musical construct of artist Edward Kelly. Fluffy T’s music is loosely based on electronica and pop with aspects of noise and minimalism.

Fluffy T is Kelly’s longest-lasting band moniker and is, according to the artist, “in a slow downward spiral of convolution”. New names currently being considered include: Sleep Wear and the Strange Buddhists; Impetus for the Inevitable; Intrinsic Psychic Love Paradigms; Euler Diagram;
Set Membership.

Other acts by Edward Kelly include:
SS Spanky – a prior more chaotic, hectic and slightly punk attitude
Double Happiness (Surveillance Systems) – a minimal ambient approach, with drawn out repetition and soothing sounds
This Corporate Militia – some sort of IDM style
98 Biscotti – a more guitar based dream pop electronica

Edward Kelly was also a member of:
Captains of Industry – an extreme noise act gone soft
Futile Sound of Brunswick – two persons, a general appreciation of sound, and an attitude of no attitude, fuck you in other words

Fluffy T website


CA038D: Re Cognition DVD | Various Artists
CA032: DeFocus | Various Artists
CAM05: Sampled Synthesis 05 | Various Artists

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