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Nanotech are Ant Banister and James McParlane. They formed in 1990 when Ant answered James’ ad in Drum Media looking for fellow electronic musicians who were interested in cutting-edge sounds. James had just moved to Sydney from Perth where he played in the band The Accelerated Men. James had a Commodore Amiga he had modified so much it could only fit in a cardboard box. Ant at the time had been working with Albert Martinez for nearly two years in Eidolon and needed a fresh side project. Nanotech went on to pioneer new video and synth software using early Intel CPUs and played with live video and sound. Ant and James have played all over Australia, including many Big Day Out shows, went on tour with The On U Sound System and supported Sven Vath and Bjork.


CA038X: Cognition X | Various Artists
CA009: Holy Terra and Nanotech | Music for Aliens
CA007: Cog | Various Artists
CA004: Clan Analogue EP4 | Various Artists
CAC01: Schizmatrix | Various Artists

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