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After a string of great moments on Clan Analogue’s last three compilation albums, Valley Forge release their double A-side debut EP Follow Suit, spanning classic electro-pop and club sounds through to melodic introspective indietronica.

“downbeat indie synth-pop that fuses twinkling electronic landscapes with slow, clattering beats and swelling vocal harmonies”
Cyclic Defrost

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Opening track ‘Follow Suit’ features guest vocals and guitar from Glen Cassidy of Sydney duo So I’m Jo, bringing his lo-fi bedroom electronics sensibility to the studio for this collaboration. ‘Follow Suit’ is also presented with an exclusive new remix by the legendary and reclusive Single Gun Theory, emerging out of a dream for this one ethereal moment.

Bonus double-A-side ‘Machine-Built Rhythm’ bridges the club sounds of the last twenty years with remixes from Clan Analogue nu-disco comrades Koshowko and Brisbane’s prodigal synth-pop sons Boxcar, ending their exile from Australian dance music by delivering three globe-trotting monster remixes bounced during production between studios in New York and Sydney.

Valley Forge produce a genetic fusion of cinematic electronic textures and rhythms of machine-like precision. Also listen to Valley Forge debut album Artificial Heart released on Clan Analogue.

The Follow Suit EP is one of four new EPs released by Clan Analogue in 2010 showcasing the work of the collective’s latest artists, along with new EPs by fellow Sydney-siders Lunar Module and Melbourne bands Koshowko and Tiatto.


1. Follow Suit [Radio Edit]
2. Follow Suit [Single Gun Theory Remix]
3. Machine-Built Rhythm [Album Version]
4. Machine-Built Rhythm [Boxcar Club Malfunktion]
5. Machine-Built Rhythm [Boxcar Complete Malfunktion]
6. Machine-Built Rhythm [Koshowko/Philosophy of Sound Remix]
7. Machine-Built Rhythm [Boxcar Radio Malfunktion]

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