Michael Mildren’s Music Non-Stop: 12 Hour Live Analogue Marathon

Clan Analogue presents the epic Michael Mildren’s Music Non-Stop

Legendary Australian electronic music and arts collective Clan Analogue close their Electronic Weekend Festival at 303 on Sunday the 25th of September with an epic feat of human endurance, Michael Mildren’s Music Non-Stop. Veteran synth virtuoso Michael Mildren will set a new Fringe record with a 12-hour marathon of continuous live improvised electronic music, from midday to midnight, at Bar 303 in Northcote.

Michael Mildren will be joined by his son Max, a vast array of analogue and vintage electronic music gear and a selection of guest artists, including Steve Law, Chris Rule, Andrew Duffield, Steve Williams, Anita Paul and Michael Sheridan. Join them on an epic sonic and artistic journey inspired by classic German 1970s “Krautrock” improv artists like Can and Tangerine Dream. Drop-in or drop out, this happening will be in the best traditions of experimental electronic music and is guaranteed never to be repeated!

Michael and Max Mildren wowed audiences in last year’s Fringe with their performance of Kraftwerk tracks using period 1970s electronic music gear. This year for Melbourne Fringe they have expanded their collection of electronic music hardware to exponential proportions, to include a multitude of synths, drum machines, effect units, a spring reverb unit, Speak’n’Spell, a theremin and more. It will all be on hand at Bar 303 for wherever their improvisational sonic inclinations lead them. Music Non-Stop will also launch Michael Mildren’s new series of Process EPs, to be released over coming months on Clan Analogue.

Adding to the intensity of Music Non-Stop will be a selection of iconic electronic and experimental music performers who will randomly join proceedings throughout the day and evening to add their sonic seasonings to the mix. These include Steve Law, known particularly for his techno work as Zen Paradox, Andrew Duffield, synth player from Models, synth maven Steve Williams, modular synth guru Chris Rule and Michael Sheridan, noise guitarist notable for his work in No and Dumb and the Ugly. The 303 bar will be operational throughout the 12-hour epic, providing coffee and beverages on demand so that all present can meet this challenge head-on.

Michael Mildren’s Music Non-Stop takes place at Bar 303, 303 High St Northcote, from midday to midnight on Sunday the 25th of September as part of the Clan Analogue Electronic Weekend at 303 in the Melbourne Fringe. The weekend starts on Friday night, 23rd of September, with Kill Climate Deniers, and continues on Saturday the 24th of September at 6pm with Analogue Redux.

Tickets can be bought from the Melbourne Fringe website for Clan Analogue’s individual shows or for an Electronic Weekend at 303 festival pass.