Innerclock Systems

Innerclock Systems formed in Sydney by David Lackey and Warren McAlister, two friends with unique skills and a vision to help musicians, computers and music hardware to play nicely together.

Founded in 2001 Innerclock Systems specialises in developing advanced synchronisation tools for music production environments. They are internationally known for their high-resolution, sample-accurate sync interfaces that link Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) with external hardware like drum machines and synthesizers. Over many years they have created a range of desktop and Eurorack products starting with the Sync Shift. Today their Sync-Gen 3LX is noted for its capabilities in providing zero-latency and zero-jitter synchronization, useful for integrating a variety of music hardware with DAWs to ensure smooth performance and accurate rhythmic alignment​.

Whether it is a home studio or a global touring performer, Innerclock Systems enhances the experience by ensuring that all connected devices operate in perfect sync, thereby improving the overall feel and timing of music production setups. Innerclock Systems has gained international recognition for its contributions to electronic music technology in timing and synchronization solutions.