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Clan Analogue: the cassette releases

Clan Analogue have a full schedule of releases and events lined up for 2012 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the legendary Australian electronic music and arts collective. First up, Clan Analogue are pleased to announce that a selection of albums originally released only on cassette in the mid-90s are now available in digital format from iTunes, Juno Records, Beatport and other digital retailers. These releases have been remastered from the original master tapes.

The cassette releases come from an era when Clan Analogue released the first recordings by acts who later established international reputations in techno and electronic music, such as B(if)tek, Infusion, Terra 9 and Dark Network.

Now available in digital non-physical format are:

Schizmatrix – various artists (catalogue number CAC01)
One of the rarest releases in Australian electronic music, Schizmatrix launched the Studio Series of Clan Analogue cassettes. With classic early tracks by Infusion, B(if)tek, Dark Network and others, it is of immense interest to any aficionado of this musical era.

Clan Analogue Melbourne – various artists (catalogue number CA006E)
Capturing perfectly the 7am vibe at 90s Victorian forest raves such as Earthcore and Technofest, Clan Analogue Melbourne collects ambient electronic sounds and subtle grooves from artists such as Moo, Seo and The Spartacus Barraworn. This release launched the Melbourne branch of the Clan Analogue collective.

Music For Aliens – Holy Terra and Nanotech (catalogue number CA009)
Containing a side each by Sydney acts Holy Terra and Nanotech, Music For Aliens explores sounds from techno and trance through to chilled downbeat ambience. Holy Terra later metamorphosed into the internationally-acclaimed Terra 9 while Nanotech’s Ant Banister went on to form acts such as Eidolon, The Flow, Galactic Gangstars and Lunar Module.

Clan Analogue plan to make more archival recordings available in 2012 and also have a brand new compilation in the works which celebrates the heritage of the collective in a unique way. Stay tuned to Clan Analogue via Facebook, Twitter or the Clan Analogue website for more details as they emerge….

Check the Releases section and see if your favourite classic Clan release is ready for your ipod.

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