Vale Garry Bradbury 1961 – 2022

The Clan Analogue community sends its deepest sympathies and regards to Garry Bradbury’s family, relatives and all that knew and loved this iconic talent.

He will be terribly missed by all members past and present of the collective. His raw artistic talent and unique approach to sound and visual practice can’t be understated. All that crossed paths with him would speak of his genius approach to art and sound. One of a kind and the music world has lost a great one.

Garry featured on a number of early Clan Analogue releases. His fabulous collaboration with Jason Gee under the Size banner was featured on Cog from 1995. ‘Bill Reynolds Bludges Petrol’ and ’Tuna Helper Radio Glove’ were two incredibly left of field and beautiful pieces of electronic music. Also on that album, he collaborated with Brendan Palmer and Kazumichi Grime for a one-off track under the guise of ‘Barouche Landaus’.

He brought his colourful and eclectic live performances to many of the shows hosted by Clan Analogue such as the long running legendary Electronic series at Mr GoodBar and the Bentley Bar in Sydney. He was integral to the Big Day Out stages that featured Clan Analogue in the 90s. He also performed at a memorable Clan Analogue night Live at the Goethe Institute.

At the 1995 Big Day Out, in true Garry fashion, he shared the stage in an impromptu manner with Clan act Telharmoneom on the Decadome stage. The band had never rehearsed anything with him to perform that day but Telharmoneom members Brendan Palmer and Kazumichi Grime thought why not? We had 2 minutes until we were due to start playing… Garry dragged his EPS16 sampler up on stage, grabbed a spare DX100 midi keyboard, dressed up in a huge tomato costume and funny blue hat he’d found back stage earlier and played some hilarious sounding sample loops over the techno beats of Telharmoneom.

A couple of minutes into the live show the sound of shattering glass was heard and the smell of beer flooded the stage. Garry’s tomato suit was concealing a heap of stubbies. No time to stop, the band played on and the crowd kept dancing. Good times.

He lived in the moment especially when it came to live shows and was a natural performer.
This is a big take away we all took from Garry. Live life full, live in the moment. Be a little crazy. It helped shake the collective up a bit and helped it find its groove.

In 2017 to mark the 25th anniversary of Clan Analogue, founder Brendan Palmer curated an all-star line up of Clan acts from days gone by. Garry reformed his band Size with Jason Gee for the event and delivered a memorable show and reminded us all the magic that was Bradbury.

We hope you all keep up on the true breadth of Garry’s career from the 70s right up to recent times. He criss-crossed so many scenes, genres and musical evolutions he was hard to pin down. What stayed consistent was the unique quirk, the beauty and brilliance he brought to everything he touched.
His sonic output can be found here:

Toby Grime and Brendan Palmer