Swinging Tasty Bag

We like: * heavy synths 
* flashing LEDs 
* tangled cords. A free and easy composition style is our personal approach to the genre of… Read more

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Quirky and chaotically eclectic, Telafonica is an ever expanding and contracting collection of musicians, visual artists and graphic designers using laptops, toy instruments and effects… Read more

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Telemetry Orchestra

The Telemetry Orchestra brings you a jet-setting cocktail of exotic beats, lush sounds and analogue spacejunk. The Telemetry Orchestra crew welcomes you aboard, with Charlotte… Read more

Thallium & Milo

Thallium and Milo is the Sydney-based musical entity consisting of Christian Durham and Wade Clarke. T&M make music in real time, drawing on every genre… Read more

The Family

Between the years of 1993-95, The Family (Scott Barnes, Thom McIntyre, Phoebe Jeebe) recorded and performed both structured and improvised works, mainly using electronic instruments… Read more


theultravisitor is the freaky brainchild of softcore’s Aaron C. Harmon. While Aaron writes and produces everything from pop to film score, theultravisitor’s alternate identity allows… Read more

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The story of Tiatto begins in a Brixton garret opposite a crackhouse in 2001, with Benwah and Max Devere installing every software synth that… Read more


two4K is the electronic music project from composer Carl Anderson. During the late 90s he played in the legendary Futile Sound of Brunswick before moving… Read more

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Valley Forge

The debut album Artificial Heart by Sydney electronica act Valley Forge will be released within the next few weeks on Clan Analogue. Here’s another sample… Read more

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Victor Xray

Victor Xray has been accused of making music that is; “deeply uneasy listening” … “DUB-HEAVY DOOMSTEP BLEND OF PARANOID DUBBY MADNESS” … “crying out to… Read more