sd-falter is the production pseudonym of local messy warehouse lurker and electronix aficionado sdf-1. Continued experiments in audio failure is the name of the game… Read more


Sectoral is Melbourne-based artist and writer David Prescott-Steed creating dark ambient analogue perambulations as a solo performer and collaborator. Meaning ‘of, or pertaining to, sector,’… Read more


Stylistically, SFBM aims to present both his productions, live sets, and DJ performances alike with harsh, bleak soundscapes, deep, thick, and luscious atmospheres, as well… Read more

Shane Osterfield

Since childhood Shane Osterfield had a love for music and a leaning towards the psychedelic. Listening to the radio when he was young he felt… Read more

Simon Mann

Simon Mann is an electronic musician with a background in DJing, live performance and production. While wrangling an array of analogue and digital electronic hardware,… Read more

Single Gun Theory

Single Gun Theory formed in 1986 in Sydney as a three-piece electro-pop group. They released three albums between 1987 and 1994, on the Canadian label… Read more

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SS Spanky

a noisy excitement of disco. a healthy dash of indie attitude, metal intensity and punk sensibilities. SS Spanky (now defunct), was the product of Edward… Read more


Blasting speakers with scene-built software (LSDj & Piggy Tracker), staRpauSe has represented at events like BLIP FEST (New York City), MICRODISKO (Stockholm, Sweden), SPERM FEST… Read more

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Stewart Lawler

Stewart Lawler, also know as DJ 2 Minute Noodle, is a middle-aged Australian bloke who was involved in a number of bands on the Volition… Read more

Su Veneer

Su Veneer is a sound/text/image artiste materialising [at] places you visit. RELEASES ON CLAN ANALOGUE RECORDINGS: CA044: Intone | Various Artists