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Valley Forge

The debut album Artificial Heart by Sydney electronica act Valley Forge will be released within the next few weeks on Clan Analogue. Here’s another sample… Read more

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Victor Xray

Victor Xray has been accused of making music that is; “deeply uneasy listening” … “DUB-HEAVY DOOMSTEP BLEND OF PARANOID DUBBY MADNESS” … “crying out to… Read more

Wasters of Time

Malcolm Smith has been writing music for almost 40 years. He started creating music with a 2-track reel-to-reel tape deck around 1980, later progressing to… Read more


WiLL-i-ROMS is an 8-bit chip tunes project of Kaputnik, of City Frequencies and Random Acts of Elevator Music. Sound boards taken from early 80s pinball… Read more

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Sample pure analogue genius: Winduptoys Heard enough sensitive glitch-pop yawns cooked up by yet another kid with a laptop and a bunch of soft-synths? Then… Read more


Wonderfeel offers sacred dance music; sonic artistry that calls out our primal essence; hypnotic rhythms to enliven and nurture the soul. Based in the Yarra… Read more

Yoshima Petrosyan

Yoshima Petrosyan works as a metallurgist in Geelong, but composes musical ‘snapshots’ using mobile devices and recording apps whenever she gets the opportunity. Her ambition… Read more


DJ ZAZIZ plays oldwave/ nufunk / breakbeats/ oldjunk/ hip hop / jazzyness / and ambient weirdness. Or you could say “afro-centric/hypnotic/eccentric music”. Biggest current inspirations:… Read more

Лучи Мечты 

Лучи Мечты (Luchi Mechty) is a contemplation of reality, devised to create spaces where we can explore beyond conscious understanding through sound. With music characterised by jarring… Read more