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Valley Forge

Valley Forge frontman Freeman Lowell remembers the first two albums he ever bought: Jean Michel Jarre’s ‘Zoolook’ and Mark Isham’s ‘Film Music’. It is unsurprising that Valley Forge’s music is a blend of cinematic and organic electronics meshed with electro grooves, glitch ambience and indietronica anthems – a sound not unlike that that of genetically fusing those first two albums together.

Valley Forge have been part of the Australian electronic collective Clan Analogue for many years, with tracks included on several of their compilation albums. They have shared a bill with many of Australia’s finest electronic acts, including Severed Heads, Koshowko, Winduptoys and Underground Lovers.

Freeman Lowell is joined in Valley Forge by a range of unique collaborators, including legendary Australian singer Kamahl, Sydney indie band So I’m Jo’s Glen Cassidy and Japanese experimental music artist Amos Wong. On the Follow Suit EP, released in 2010 through Clan Analogue, the legendary Australian electronic music acts Boxcar and Single Gun Theory were both coaxed out of retirement to provide exclusive remixes.

Releases on Clan Analogue Recordings:
CA059A: Valley Forge l Alright
CA041: Headspace l Various Artists

CA040: Valley Forge l Artificial Heart
CA040W: Valley Forge & Kamahl l Wayfaring Stranger EP
CA039V: Valley Forge l Follow Suit EP

CA038: Re Cognition l Various Artists
CA036B: Inverted l Various Artists
CA036: Clan Analogue In Version l Various Artists
CA034: Doppler Shift l Various Artists

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